This is a tough one. Based on my personal experiences, I would say the experience of the Silent empty mind is far more stable. Let me explain in detail as we go on. Many schools of yoga and meditation would talk about bliss and joyfulness as the ultimate goal of the superconscious experience. But these states of Joy and Bliss are mentally concentrated states of mind and to achieve it a lot of mental conditioning is required in cultivating the so-called good thoughts and doing good deeds etc.

Beyond Sorrow and Happiness

Whereas experiencing the state of the Silent empty mind does not require much concentration nor doing any type of social service. The trick is you consciously talk to yourself about not focusing on any thoughts or emotions that arise. As a result, the mind will become relaxed and slowly move into an empty state where both Sorrow and Happiness are disassociated with.

Pitch black awareness

The Silent mind has nothing to cling to and your outside environmental situation is immaterial to experiencing emptiness. The mental vision that you see during the state of emptiness is pitch black awareness. This is where your experience of self-awareness keeps expanding out in pitch black inner vision.

Mastering self-awareness

Your mind functions as an energy of events, moving from one state to another. Being able to observe this takes practice, furthermore, once the power of mindful observation is mastered then you become the observer. The state of becoming the observer or pure self-awareness is the goal of all mind power practices. As a result, once you are able to become pure self-awareness, you can command your mind to pass into whatever state you desire. If you want to experience emptiness, then just visualize pitch-black space with no objects, with practice you will be able to exist as pure emptiness.

Your reality is your point of view

What I would like to say is there are no high or low states of transcendental experiences. It’s up to the individual to work out and decide which is the best experience for oneself. It all comes down to what mental experience you are comfortable and accept as your own reality. Your reality is your point of view of the universe, the truth has nothing to do with what spiritual leaders claim to be true.

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