My name is Krishnaprasath Krishnamoorthy the author of Rama Baktha. This website is devoted to Rama, Hanuman, and Spirituality as a whole. The Knowledge and visions of the ancient sages and Siddhas are shared with devotion and love. As we all know the enlightened experience is beyond books and the human mind itself. But our limited minds need to be fed with the knowledge from the minds who have had the experience. 

Krishnaprasath Krishnamoothy

The inability of people to understand the power of the human mind and its supernatural powers has created a lot of divisions among each other. If a man learns to scientifically understand the subconscious powers of the human mind this will create a clearer view of the universe. The truth is that we just call it by many names and we give it some philosophical meaning.

The Truth is what we create for ourselves, what we believe becomes our reality. All changes outside and within you are experienced by you. You are not the body nor the mind you are pure consciousness. The only connecting factor between your existence and consciousness is the “I”. 

Your existence and experience of living in the projection of the intelligent universe. Intelligence is pure consciousness, which in turn is raw energy.  This energy in its absolute state is a compressive stock force. The universal energy functions in the form of circular motion which is the most basic form of intelligence. All living forms in this universe are a manifestation of this energy functioning in various levels of frequencies. 

This universal intelligent energy is never born nor does it die it’s under constant eternal change. This energy exists within empty space, but remember nothing can come out of empty space nor become it.

This Empty space and Energy co-exist as the absolute reality. This Empty space is the absolute eternal nothingness and the energy is the transformational eternal force, which brings this empty space also to the understanding of the human mind. 

My name is Krishna the creator of this website and a devotee of Sri Hanuman. My inspiration for Lord Hanuman came from my father. He was a loving servant of the Anjaneyar temple in Sri Lanka. I was first taken to the temple when I was 10 years old with my mother. My interest in hanuman arose when my father used to recite stories from the Ramayana and bless me every night while in bed stroking my head and chanting Sri Ramajeyam. 

I dedicate this Rama Baktha website to my beloved parents and society.

Sri Rama Jeyam!

Father and Mother Grand Parents
Parents serve a unique role in the lives of their children that cannot be replaced by anyone else. This role will have a significant influence on a child’s mental and physical development and can assist in molding him or her into the person they become.