Astrology is a large science that includes the computation of the positions of the stars and planets in the sky, which enables an astrologer to predict the lives of those who consult him. Traditionally, it is thought that the planets were in a precise position at the time of our birth, which was depicted in your Kundli or birth chart. It is via this birth chart that astrologers may make predictions about what will happen in the near future.

When it comes to precision, the positions of the stars and planets do have an impact on our daily life. The birth chart serves as a blueprint for our lives, and it contains a wealth of information about our characteristics and personalities. Our birth chart is aware of when we make a u-turn, as well as our weaknesses and strengths, among other things.

So, definitely, astrology is beneficial to humans. It assists individuals in determining who is ideal for them and who is not by examining the characteristics of a person. Individuals may learn about their own flaws and strengths via the use of a birth chart, and they can use this information to their advantage in order to accomplish great things in life.

We are all aware of and feel the effect of the Sun and Moon on the globe on a daily basis. The sun is the source of all life and energy. The moon has a significant impact on the oceans and seas, particularly in the form of high and low tides. In a similar vein, a slew of notable days, events, and festivals occur in accordance with the lunar calendar and the location of the moon.

As a matter of fact, the women’s menstrual cycle corresponds to the lunar cycle, which has 28 days. We are all alive today because our mother’s reproductive cycles were in sync with the lunar cycle of the moon at the time of conception.

During high and low tides, the moon has a direct influence on the water, causing the oceans and seas to erupt into chaos. Due to the fact that the human body contains 60–70 percent water, it is obvious that the location and intensity of the moon has an impact on the human mechanism as well, due to the fact that it has the same content, which is water.

However, in order to grasp the impact of the moon on your body, you must be open and sensitive. People that are interested in spiritual and occult pursuits are frequently aware of what is being said. People who are meditating in nature or who have a certain level of mastery over some occult features might detect subtle changes in the environment caused by the moon’s effect.

Aside from the Sun and the Moon, there are many more important planets in our solar system that have an influence on the earth and its people in various ways. Astrology is a branch of study that focuses on this. Psychologically unstable individuals are referred to as “Lunatics” by the general public. This term is derived from the Latin word Lunar, which means “moon.”

When it comes to the spiritual and religious sphere, it is always observed that the majority of meditative practices and rituals are performed on the full moon day (Poornami). And the new moon day (Amavasya), due to the fact that the intensity of the moon on earth is completely different on these two days, which creates a specific energy situation.

The intensity of a human being’s character is magnified by this intensity. It is possible that a person who is naturally contemplative may become even more meditative these days. Whatever characteristic a person has, it is amplified and intensified by their surroundings.

The same is true for someone who is out of balance or a madman, who becomes even more insane on such days since the intensity of their madness is heightened by the circumstances of the day.

Normal individuals, on the other hand, who are more established and in control as opposed to imbalanced/lunatic persons, are not much impacted by the Moon’s effect on their lives. Normal people do not go insane on the eve of Amavasya or Poornami every year.

As a result, we have more control and are more established psychologically and emotionally, which means that the influence of the moon on us is less when compared to a person who is not in control of his or her psychological structure and awareness, and so has a greater impact on the moon. As a result, the strength and influence of planets differ from one individual to the next.

This same reasoning holds true for other planets as well as our own. If we have greater control over our bodies, minds, emotions, and energies, we will be happier. If we are more deeply entrenched and established, the influence of the planets will be less intense when compared to the impact of the planets on someone who is not inappropriate control of his or her life or who is living in lower levels of awareness and consciousness.

Human beings have their own consciousness, as well as a certain level of awareness and free will of their own will. The fate of a robot is totally predictable since it lacks awareness and is instead a programmed entity. We can anticipate how long a robot will live and how much labor he will accomplish during that time, as well as how soon he will die and cease to function.

Due to the fact that there is no consciousness or awareness, everything is written down in the specification. He does not have a will of his own. A robot has no karma and thus has no control over his or her fate.

It is possible that an individual’s astrological horoscope may reveal some karmic patterns, which will further project certain predispositions, propensities, and inclinations, which have been put in motion in this life.

A professional astrologer may predict the kind of life events that will take place in a person’s life based on the patterns that are seen. However, the specifics of how the person’s destiny will develop are subject to the person’s awareness, free choice, and karma (actions) in the current incarnation once again.

In order to successfully bring down astrological forces on him, an individual must go against the grain and surpass his or her karmic constraints (i.e. horoscope patterns).

It is possible that the impacts are still there, but that the strength and size of those influences have decreased significantly for a person as a result of his or her correct behaviors and way of life.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of planetary effects remaining or disappearing totally. We are unable to avoid the effects of cosmic rays since we are a part of the same planet and solar system that is being bombarded.

In accordance with each individual’s karmic code and patterns, these cosmic influences play a part, which can only be interpreted by a detailed review of one’s horoscope. In order to have a deeper understanding of an individual’s karmic pattern, other disciplines may be used in conjunction with astrology at times.

If this science is used correctly, it has the potential to accomplish miracles for a person’s health. Assisting the person in adopting preventative actions to reduce the severity of the karmic forces that have been put in motion and are acting against him, it will aid him in living his life in the best possible way. There are also some positive factors at work in the world that operate in the favor of a person.

Ideally, it is the human consciousness that should be able to overcome the influence of inanimate objects such as planets and stars, or else it will be a great disgrace and shame to the human race, which is the only living race on this planet to have been blessed with consciousness, awareness, and intelligence, as opposed to other living races.

According to a well-known proverb, you can forecast the future of a fool. However, you can never anticipate what a well-informed someone would do the next day. He may do something that has never been done or accomplished in the history of the world.

Apart from being mindful of your actions and the way you live your life, there are additional cures that may be used to reduce the negative astrological impacts on your life, but that is a subject for another day.

Even if you detest it, you cannot disregard the findings of scientific research. The powers of the universe, as well as your own karma, are always at work on you. However, the extent to which it has an influence on a person is determined by his or her own behaviors. Human will and intellect are considerably superior to inanimate things such as planets and stars, which are examples of amoral objects.

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