According to Vedic astrology, the planet Moon is considered to be the one that presides over the Hasta Nakshatra. It reminds me of my palm when I look at it. Thie Hasta Nakshatra is associated with the Hindu god Surya (Sun). This celestial body has a masculine gender. You have a preference for discipline and approach every challenge with care.

When your mind is in good shape, you find that you have numerous fresh ideas. You still don’t speak up against the dishonesty of others, despite the fact that you’ve been a victim of cheaters and con artists yourself. You exude an air of serenity and magnetic allure, both of which are inherent qualities in your demeanor.

You are happy, outgoing, and have a welcoming demeanor. You are a master of language in addition to being very bright academically. You are the only person I know who have the ability to comprehend any topic. You just put yourself at ease wherever with a few kind words and also have wittiness about you.

Despite the fact that you have a great deal of mental power, you are unable to make judgments right away. You avoid arguments because you value tranquility so much. Despite the fact that you are rather reserved, you are successful in making new acquaintances. In addition to this, you have an excellent understanding of how to delegate tasks to your buddies.

You switch parties so that you may maximize your rewards. You appreciate running your own company even more than you do your work, and this will undoubtedly contribute to your increased level of success in this area. You place a high value on achieving various forms of material joy. Your employment has earned you respect, which has contributed to the happiness in your life.

You just have a strong commitment to the course of action you choose. You are the only one who can alter your mind about your actions; other people’s opinions have no bearing on what you do. You seldom have to deal with any kind of financial issue since you are quite knowledgeable about how to cut costs and put money away.

You are the one who values peace, is always willing to assist others, and does not at all believe in putting on a show for other people. Your family goes through a lot of ups and downs, yet you manage to maintain a smile on your face through it all. You are an expert when it comes to solving problems and putting them to rest.

This is one of the reasons why you are such an effective counselor. Because you see your life as a game and the world as your playing field, you are able to impart wisdom on other people in a manner that is both uplifting and enjoyable. You never allow yourself to get mentally or physically inactive because you abhor the feeling of doing nothing.

You could have a happy disposition, but you won’t stand for anybody making a mistake in front of you. Your ability to achieve one’s goals via their application of work is one of your unique qualities.

Elements of the Hasta Nakshatra

Lord: Moon

Symbol: Hand or fist

Deity: Savitar-Sun as inspiration

Nature: The light (Lagu)

Rashi / Zodiac: Virgo sign

Marriage: Auspicious

Ruling Deity of Moon: Parvati

Number: 13

Names Letters: poo, sham, Naa, Taa

Lucky Letters: P, S, N & D

Lucky Stone: Pearl

Lucky Colour: Deep green

Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 2