Planet Rahu is said to be the planetary deity that presides over the Satabishak Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. It resembles a circle, a hundred doctors, a starry sky, or a field of flowers. The Hindu god known as Varuna is associated with this Nakshatra. You are a follower of the “Satyameva Jayate” philosophical school of thought (truth prevails).

You are willing to give up your life for those who seek the truth. There are some unchangeable truths in life, and as a result of these, you will frequently find yourself at odds with other people. You don’t act in ways that are motivated by self-interest. Your heart is pretty tender and you are quite religious. You are strong and courageous.

You have very powerful and noble ideas, and once you make up your mind about something, you stick to it until the very end. You are aware of your obligations and do your best to fulfill them in the appropriate manner. Your way of thinking is heavily influenced by politics, and you are adept at many political ploys.

You do not believe in putting in an excessive amount of physical labor and instead focus more on using your thoughts. You have a strong sense of independence and would rather work independently than collaborate with others. You are naturally very sluggish, and at the same time, you enjoy having a great deal of fun. You try to make every day as happy as it can possibly be.

Natives of the Satabhisha nakshatra are known to be opinionated by their very nature, yet they also include qualities of compassion and healing in their personalities. Their personalities tend to be mysterious and forward-thinking, and they have a healthy balance of logical and spiritual components in their makeup.

Because of their innate affinity for reclusive loneliness, residents of this kind are just as likely to have a scientific mindset as they are to be prone to philosophy, meditation, and introspection.

Natives of the Sathabhisa nakshatra are predisposed to episodes of sadness and erratic mood swings due to the fact that they are intrinsically defined by strong likes and dislikes. They include characteristics of cure and healing into their personalities, which is where their name gets its etymological meaning of “hundred doctors.”

Your life is headed in a positive and prosperous direction. You are a sincere person who grows as a result of your failures and who persistently seeks to develop yourself throughout your life, despite the fact that you may go through a lot of ups and downs.

It is beneficial to your health to spend time alone in quiet reflection and meditation. You tend to be quiet and reserved by nature. You have a need for periods of solitude in which you may collect your thoughts and reflect on the things that have happened to you. You will feel more confident in many other aspects of your life if you set aside at least an hour or two for this kind of self-care.

It is difficult for you to offer to other people. You have difficulty contributing to charitable causes or showing concern for the needs of other people. Many people think of you as being unfriendly. Even while this is not necessarily a bad quality, it will be to your advantage to also foster the caring and warm side of your personality.

You may take a defensive stance. You are not one to give up easily on a stance, and it’s possible that you’ll keep trying to argue a point even after you’ve already been beaten or shown to be in the wrong. Try to keep in mind that being incorrect does not mean the end of the world.

It is far simpler to just have a modest attitude and accept criticism or corrections as they are offered, rather than always being on guard and attempting to defend oneself against those who are believed to be attacking one.

Working like a machine is something that you cannot do if you value your freedom and want to enjoy life. You don’t let yourself get worked up over any difficulty; instead, you charge headfirst into the fray and do battle with it. Your ability to believe in yourself and your own power provides you with strength, which enables you to prevail in challenging circumstances.

You have an additional trait in your personality that allows you to triumph over anyone who makes the mistake of trying to be antagonistic toward you. Even though you don’t get angry very often, once you do, it’s quite tough to keep you under control. However, because you are kind at heart and have a sharp mind, it doesn’t take you long to get over being angry.

When you’ve made up your mind about anything, there’s no turning back. Because of your superior ability and intellectual prowess, you achieve achievement in all aspects of your life. When you strike up a conversation with someone, that individual automatically becomes a fan of yours.

Despite this, you do not believe in showing off, and you do your best to avoid doing so whenever feasible. Your capacity for memory is quite remarkable, and you have the ability to retain information that you have only read once. You are a talented writer, and I have no doubt that very soon, the world will recognize this gift of yours. Due to your pleasant attitude, you are highly popular.

Lord: Rahu

Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga

Deity: Varuna-god of Cosmic Waters

Rashi / Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Constellation: 100

Gender: Neuter

Dosha: Vata

Element: Ether

Lucky Color: Blue & Green

Letter: Go, Sa, Si, Su

Lucky letters: G & S

Lucky Stone: Gomedhaka

Lucky Numbers: 4 & 24

Based on Vedic Astrological matching for love, marriage, and friendships. The Shatabhisha Nakshatra natives are most likely to find love, joy, satisfaction, and happiness in long-term relationships with:

  1. Punarvasu in Gemini (for male natives)
  2. Chitra in Libra
  3. Purva-ashadha (for female natives)
  4. Dhanishta in Aquarius
  5. Vishakha in Libra
  6. Jyeshta (for female natives)
  7. Purva-bhadrapada in Aquarius
  8. Krittika (for male natives)
  9. Mrigashira in Gemini (for male natives)
  10. Magha (for male natives)

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