In the absence of colors, the world will be colorless, and even a single notion of a colorless world might cause a disturbance in one’s state of mind. Colors are not only pleasing to the sight, but they also have a variety of practical applications.

In Chromopathy, the fundamental idea is that “there are various hues concealed inside the beams of the sun.” Whenever someone becomes unwell as a result of a lack of a certain color, a clear bottle of the same hue that contains water is placed in the sunshine for a few days to treat the illness as quickly as possible.

As a consequence, the water gets infused with the medicinal properties of the hue in question, and the water becomes an effective remedy. When it is shown that colors may treat ailments, it is reasonable to assume that colors would be as beneficial when utilized in astrological calculations.

Indian Vedic astrology provides insight into a person’s history, present, and future while also emphasizing the need of making them better. Astrology is responsible for the treatments that are used to improve one’s life. In astrology, a variety of mantras, yantras, and colors are used to help people overcome their troubles.

The sun is the primary source of light, and this is widely acknowledged by religious leaders, philosophers, and scientists alike. According to Vedic astrology, the sun is the most important indicator of one’s health, fame, and social standing.

Anyone who is well-known or in a high position understands that they will be rewarded with enormous money and success. According to Indian Vedic astrology and astronomy, the Sun is the center of the universe, and all planets circle around it.

It is just for this reason why planets revolve: to get light and energy via rotation. According to Vedic astrology, persons born under each zodiac sign have a unique combination of favorable and unfavorable planets.

Only in line with this, each individual has his or her own fortunate hue and Ratna (gemstone). An individual’s aura is amplified and strengthened when the proper colors are used in their attire.

One of the most essential issues is: if a person is unaware of his or her Lagna or zodiac sign, what colors would be beneficial to him or her? It would be useful for such persons if they utilize colors in line with the days of the week. Colors may be readily incorporated into daily life via the use of clothing that corresponds to the color allotted to each day.

Colors have a very essential part in the study of astrology. Every planet has its unique set of rays that have an impact on our lives. The color black and dark blue is associated with Saturn, thus if you have a malefic impact of Saturn in your birth chart, you should refrain from wearing that color.

Similarly, brown is used for Rahu, off-white is used for Venus, orange or red is used for Mars, green is used for mercury, dark pink is used for the sun, and so on. If you have a weak moon or are having difficulty concentrating, wearing white attire will be beneficial to your situation.

It is possible to determine the Birthyogi planet and the Avayogi planet for each individual based on the Rasi, Degree, and Minute positions of the Sun and Moon in the native’s Horoscope, as well as the Avayogi planet.

Following the color scheme associated with the Birthyogi planet usually brings good fortune to the native throughout his or her lifetime. As much as possible, try to incorporate the color of your Birth Yogi planet into your clothing, home furniture, and other accessories.

List of colours related to different planets ::

  1. Sun – Red
  2. Moon – Dull White
  3. Mars – Brown
  4. Mercury – Green
  5. Jupiter – Yellow
  6. Venus – White
  7. Saturn – Black
  8. Rahu – Blue
  9. Kethu – Multi colour