There are four yugas, with each lasting 43,200,000 years.

  • There are 1,728,000 human years in a Satya Yuga.
  • 1,296,000 human years are equivalent to one Treta Yuga.
  • 864,000 human years are equivalent to one Dvapara Yuga.
  • 432,000 human years make up the Kali Yuga.

A Mahayuga is a cycle of one yuga.

This 1000th Mahayuga is known as a Kalpa or Brahma day or night. Brahma’s day is therefore equal to 2000 Mahayuga.

14 Manus are split throughout the 1000 Mahayuga. 71.42 Mahayuga is ruled by Manu. Consequently, 1 Manvantara is about 71 Mahayuga.

Brahma’s year is hence 360 Brahma Years or 360*2000=720000 Mahayuga.

Brahma has a lifetime of 100 years or 72000000 Mahayugas.

100% of Krita (done, manufactured, or created) was dharma. Its Yuga dharma said that if one commits an atrocity and becomes adharmic, the whole world would pay the price. In order to free humans from adharma, gods took on many different incarnations. Every single item was created by someone. 75% of Treta’s yuga dharma was adharmic. Its yuga dharma said that only citizens of his kingdom would suffer if one became adharmic.

50% of Dharma was present in Dwapara (Dwa = Two, Para = Gone/Passed/Done). Its yuga dharma said that one’s family would suffer if they made a mistake. Yudhishtir’s gambling cost him, his wife, and his brothers. Duryodhana had adharmic disease and passed together with his brothers (along with those who supported him).

Since the query used the word “was,” the current Kali (vice/immoral/adharmic) Yuga is no longer taken into account. If a person is adharmic, just that person will be held responsible for paying the 25% dharma of the Kali Yuga. In this situation, results occur quickly, and the goal should be to extinguish the kali inside without waiting for any avatars to appear.

After these 100 Brahma years, the present Brahma passes away, and Vishnu then creates a new Brahma.

In the Mahasankalpam, everything is summed together

The present Brahma is known by the name AadhyaBrahmanaha. The era of Brahma has now been split in two. Prathme Parardhe and Dvithiya Parardhe are the names of the first and second fifty respectively.

Para means fifty in Sanskrit. We are now in the second part of Brahma’s life, Dvithiya Paradhe. It is Shwethavaraha Kalpe because for Brahma it is the current day.

Lord Surya, the seventh Manu, is the one in power at the moment. Viwaswaan is another name for Surya.

In VIWASWATHA MANVANTHARA we are thus. We are now on the 28th of Vaiwaswatha Manvanthara’s 71 Mahayugas. We are in Kali, the fourth of a Mahayuga’s four Yugas.

The Kaliyuga is 4,32,000 years long. This may be divided into four equal portions, each of which is 1,08,000 years long. Pade is the Sanskrit word for a quarter. By the first quarter, Prathame Pade is referring.