Planet Ketu is regarded as the authoritative celestial body for Moola Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. Nirriti is the name of the Hindu goddess that is associated with this Nakshatra. This celestial body has feminine genitalia. You have a kind disposition and are someone who values maintaining peace.

You have strong beliefs when it comes to fairness. Your interactions with other people are positive, and you have a disposition that is generally warm and welcoming. You have strong convictions and clear ideas. When it comes to social tasks, you engage in them with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm.

You have achieved a great deal of reputation and renown as a result of the traits and works that you have produced. Your life is governed by a few consistent guidelines. You have the ability to cope with any challenging circumstance, and in the end, you succeed in accomplishing your goals after surmounting all of the obstacles.

Once you decide on something, you simply do it. You do not allow yourself to get anxious about the future, nor are you worried about the challenges that you face in your life. You have a firm belief in God. You will be helpful to others by providing useful advice, but in your personal affairs, you will be more tolerant.

You maintain a high level of integrity in the job that you do. In addition to this, it’s possible that your mind is seldom at rest. You have a wide range of knowledge and will achieve unparalleled achievements in the fields of literature, the arts, and the social sector. It’s possible that being too generous with your friends can put a strain on your finances. It has become second nature for you to spend more money than you bring in.

When you move away from the location of your birth, both your skills and your good fortune will become more apparent. It would be to your advantage to go to other countries if you ever had the chance to do so. You are the author of your own fate, regardless of whether or not your family backs you up in your endeavors. You are a trustworthy person, which is why you have a lot of friends.

You have a lot of potential in the academic realm, especially when it comes to philosophy, which is one of your areas of focus. You are an idealist who follows your own beliefs in whatever you do. If you ever find yourself in a position where you have to choose between riches and respect, you will choose respect every time. You will be successful in business as well as in your current employment, but you feel more fulfilled working.

You never lose your position as an industry leader, no matter where you move. You have a really good understanding of how to get your task done, so you don’t have to put in a lot of physical effort. If you have a particular interest in spirituality, you don’t have an excessive desire for financial gain.

Because you take part in so many charitable activities, people look up to you and admire what you do. When it comes to friendships, folks from more prestigious societies are at the top of your list. You take pleasure in the fact that your existence in the world is one filled with joy and opulence.

Lord: Ketu

Symbol: lion’s tail

Deity: Nirritti — goddess of disaster, Alaksmi

Rashi/Zodiac: Sagittarius Sign

Marriage: Auspicious

Ruling Deity of Ketu: Ganesha

Number: 19

Names Letter: Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhe

Lucky Letters: Y & B

Lucky Stone: Cats Eye

Lucky Colour: Brown Yellow

Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 7