Planet Mercury is said to be the planetary deity that presides over the Jyeshta Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. It looks like a Hanging Earring or umbrella. Indra is the Hindu god that is associated with this Nakshatra. This celestial body has feminine genitalia. You have a positive attitude, a lot of energy, and an appealing personality.

Your specialization is in having a kind heart and a serious and true temperament. You prefer to do work that is in accordance with your morals. People get the impression that you are stubborn because you don’t listen to what they have to say. Because you are a thinker, you must act in accordance with your moral convictions.

Because you have an open mind, it is impossible for you to adhere to traditional beliefs and values. Because you have such a bright intellect, you have no trouble understanding new concepts right away. You put too much emphasis on rushing, which results in a high number of errors on your part.

You have a powerful want inside you to acquire something or to develop into someone or something. Because of this, you put a lot of effort into trying to impress other people. You have good morals and a good heart, but you don’t let anybody know about these traits of yours.

Because you don’t want anyone else’s sentiments to affect how you feel about yourself. You will start your career at a very young age, and as a result, you won’t mind going to locations that are quite a far away. You make an effort to approach everything with commitment, which ultimately leads to your success.

Because you are nimble, you complete every task quickly. You have a very good understanding of the worth of one’s time. As a result, you don’t squander your time on pointless activities. You will be successful in any endeavor you undertake, whether it be a career or a business.

If you decide to look for work, you will be promoted quickly, and a great number of people will be willing to point you in the proper path. You will also achieve unparalleled success in the corporate world. You will have the upper hand over your rivals if you find yourself in a position of competitiveness in your life.

Between the ages of 18 and 26, you will suffer a fair amount of difficulty; yet, this will provide you with valuable life experience. Consuming alcoholic beverages is detrimental to one’s health. You have a lot of intelligence, talent, and consideration in you.

Everyone who is close to you will feel an overwhelming sense of affection, and in order to protect your reputation, you will be vigilant at all times. You are going to have a very excellent education, and you are going to put that education to good use when it comes to managing the livelihood.

Lord: Mercury (Budha)

Zodiac: Scorpio sign (Vrischik)

Deity: Vishnu

Gana: Rakshasa Gana

Mode: Active

Constellation: 18

Number: 18

Letter: No, Ya, Yi, Yu

Lucky letters: N & Y

Lucky Stone: Emerald

Lucky Color: Cream

Lucky Numbers: 5