Planet Jupiter is regarded as the authoritative celestial body for the Punarvasu Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. It has the appearance of a quiver full of arrows. Aditi is the name of the Hindu goddess that is associated with this Nakshatra. This celestial body has a masculine gender.

You are upright, happy, and fulfilled in character thanks to nature. You are the perfect example of the proverb that says “Simple life and elevated thinking.” You hold many traditional values dear, as well as a deep reverence for God, ancient ideas, and philosophies.

You don’t make it a habit to save money, which is problematic in the long run. However, you will earn a great deal of respect and dignity throughout your life. People are drawn to you because of the purity of your heart and the honesty with which you conduct yourself. You never fail to advocate for people who are in need.

When it comes to activities that are against morality or the law, you take a firm stance against them. Because being around bad ideas and people stunts your spiritual development, you avoid them whenever possible. Your mental and mental state is constantly in a balanced state.

Although once they are confronted with difficulties or unfavorable circumstances, they will do it with self-assurance and an upbeat attitude that can only come from having their governing goddess, Aditi, bless them. Their guiding principle is self-awareness, and their attitude toward others is one of kindness and compassion.

Punarvasu is the seventh Nakshatra on the Zodiac belt, and Jupiter is the lord of this Nakshatra. Information and instruction on how to put that knowledge to use are both provided by the so-called “Guru.”

Because of the planet, they are also libertarians who cannot be confined by the constraints of anything in their environment. As the real ascendants of Jupiter, they will never want for anything since they are always content with what they have and are aware that what they have is sufficient.

It is one of your unique strengths to be able to soothe and help other people. Your gentle demeanor, together with your compassionate and altruistic aims, lends an endearing quality to your personality. You are calm, genuine, serious, a believer, truthful, and a lover of justice. You also have excellent self-discipline.

A lot of people look up to the tact with which you deal with other people and your unshakable relationship. You never put yourself in needless danger and, once a difficulty does arise, you remain certain that God will get you through it. When it affects your family, you feel an intense amount of affection for them and are not reluctant to do long journeys for the greater good of society.

You are able to solve the most challenging difficulties with your attention, much as an archer is successful in attaining his or her aim, and you also do anything similar to this. You should never give up trying, regardless of how many times you’ve been let down in the past. You possess a wide range of skills and are capable of excelling in any endeavor.

Because of this, you have the potential to achieve success in any profession. You are outstanding in any endeavor you do, whether it be teaching, acting, writing, or medical. You have a lot of respect for your parents and other adults your age.

When it comes to your nature, you will be someone who values serenity and reasoning, and whose personality is characterized by honesty. Your children will also conduct themselves in a manner that is polite toward everyone.

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Elements of Punarvasu Nakshatra

Nakshatra Lord: Jupiter

Ruling Deity of Jupiter: Shiva

Symbol: Quiver of arrows.

Deity: Aditi — the mother of the Gods

Gana: Deva Gana (Lord Like)

Rashi / Zodiac: Gemini (Mithuna) & Cancer (Kark)

Controlling/Ruling Planet: Jupiter – Guru

Number: 7

Gender: Female

Names Letter: Kay, Ko, Ha, Hee

Lucky Letters: K & H

Lucky Stone: Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Colour: Grey or Lead

Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 3