That which is eternally present is the only thing that can be considered real, according to Vedanta. What disappears (Maya) is not what it seems to be. Yes, this phenomenon is what is known as Maya,’ and it causes things to disappear. My awareness of the waking world is completely eradicated once I enter the dream state.

When I am in a condition of profound sleep, neither the waking nor dreaming states are present in my experience. However, we make the mistake of torturing ourselves by believing that the waking state is the only actual state.

It is the same level of pure awareness that is present during the stage of deep sleep that manifests itself as an objective reality during the stage of dreaming and during the stage of waking.

When it comes to this topic, Vedanta gives what is known as a “state-centric” approach, as opposed to the “objective reality” that we experience and then accept as being the truth. People don’t tend to investigate their own subjective experiences and instead go to the findings of objective scientific research. This is the crux of the matter.

Now, if you fuse this analogy while you are in a waking state and consider that all objects are nothing more than consciousness, the subject will also know that S/he is consciousness only, or more accurately, the subject and object will cease to exist, and consciousness will shine forth in all of its splendor.

It is neither inside you nor outside of you; rather, it is neither. It is the only thing that can be found. The mistake is made when one accepts what may be seen as being “real.”Brahman is the sacrifice, Brahman is the oblation, Brahman is the offering, Brahman is the fire, and Brahman is the one who does the sacrifice.

One who achieves brahman by deeds that are performed while completely engrossed in brahman. In this context, Brahman refers to awareness.

The concept of Maya splits, averages down, and the Indefinite Infinity into limited types and powers. By its two powers, Maya functions as the power of projection and the power of concealment.

Maya generally indicates the illusion, cosmic as well as individual where we project names (knowledge) on Nature and others. Maya also conceals from us Brahman, the fundamental unity of all and of all in the universe.

Maya clings to God’s true nature. It is because of Maya that one sees a snake instead of rope, water in the desert, and multiplicity instead of unity. “Reality (Truth) is one: It is called by different names by the wise.

The awareness of the mind is hidden or limited. The wholeness is obscured such that the aspect or particular can be felt. Maya is what evidently renders the Entire (Purana) into the not-total (Aparna), the limitless into the finite, the formless into objects and alike. Maya separates the unified awareness such that the entity is perceived as something greater than the self and then separated into the plurality.

The spirit itself is pure. Everything in existence, though finite, is incomplete. The very nature of development gives birth to the rule of duality light, and shadow, good and evil — the law of gravity required to separate the One into two. Through the storm of resonance, the multiplicity of God’s emotions carried forth the waves of manifestation: His black, or divine action.

Man’s ordinary consciousness is perception consciousness that is, he apprehends one aspect only through viewing it relative to everything else. He can not comprehend the Sole, the Total, from that subjective awareness; it was given to him in order to understand the essence of the other.

This philosophy of Maya has become the easiest thing to grasp of all times. Let me inform you in a few terms that it is definitely not a hypothesis, it is the synthesis of the three theories of Desha-Kâla-Nimitta place, distance, and origin, and this time, energy, and trigger have been further simplified to Nâma-Rupa. Imagine there is a wave in the ocean.

Biology teaches us that outside of humanity there are just forces on varying levels and that our brains arrange them into images, and our minds assign them titles and definitions. And this Maya is what creates the distinction between me and you, between all creatures and man, between gods and people. Yes, it is this Maya that allows the Atman to be trapped, as it is, in so many millions of things to do.

When you leave everything alone, let name and type go, all this diversity vanishes forever, and you become as you truly become. It is Maya. Everything here in the nature of the Spirit is contingent and interdependent, quantitative and correlative, the presence of one depends on the other. There are three stages, thus, in our understanding of life.

This is the core concept of Advaita. Time, space, and cause are like the lens from which the Absolute is perceived, so as it is viewed on the lower hand, it appears as the world. Now we learn at once from this that there is no time, space, or cause in the Absolute. There can be no conception of time, knowing as there is no consciousness, no thinking.

The question what is Maya’s origin (illusion)? has been asked for the last three thousand years; and the only answer is: if the world can formulate a logical question, we’ll answer that question. This is a contrary issue. Our view is that the Absolute only evidently became this relation, that the Unconditioned only became the conditioned in Maya. In the very acceptance of the Unconditioned, we agree that nothing more may operate upon the Complete.

It is uncaused, meaning nothing outside of Itself can act upon it. First of all, because It was genuine, nobody else should have achieved it. There can be no time, space, or causation within the Unconditioned.

That provided your query would be: “Who induced something that could not be triggered to be turned into this?” The problem is only conceivable in the programmed case. But you take it out of the conditioned, and in the Unconditioned, you want to ask.

The problem remains incomprehensible. In the Absolute nothing should have worked. No cause has been identified. Not that we don’t know or are ignorant, but it’s above knowledge, and it can’t be brought down to the knowledge plane. The term, “I don’t learn” can be seen in two ways. They say, in one sense, that we are inferior to information, and in the other, that the thing is above information.

Maya isn’t an illusion, as interpreted popularly. Maya is true but it’s not real. It’s the reality that is behind it and gives it its realistic appearance. The reality in and through Maya is that which is real in Maya. Yet the reality is never seen, and therefore that which is seen is unreal, and for its existence, it does not have a real independent existence of itself but depends on the Real.

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