Current research remains incapable as of now of describing the creation cycle. The Big Bang Theory and the Steady State Theory contain several flaws in the circuits that do not apply to anyone. I’m not going to think about Ancient Evolution Theories either here. I will mention what the Vedic view of the Universe is.

Vedas are the holy book of Hinduism. The development has several facets and in this blog, it’s not practical to speak about them, but I’m just going to think about specific stages of development.

Vedic Interpretation

Srimad Bhagavatam deals with the cycle of development. Remember that rather than 4 central Vedas, the Puranas, Upanishads are now regarded as part of the Vedas. Before I mention the argument, let me make clear that English has no exact parallels to the words used in Vedic literature.

Therefore, I use the words and vocabulary many interpretations use as the same meaning can be interpreted from reading the original text in Sanskrit, or in related languages like Hindi. To better understand them please refer to Srimad Bhagavatam. Starting now on, I’ll use SB to link Srimad Bhagavatam to Bhagavata Gita, and BG.

Three essential qualities

It includes three essential qualities: goodness mode (Sattva), love mode (Rajah), and stupidity mode (Tamah). (SB 2.5.18) Besides the one which naturally arises due to the interaction of these three forms, there are nine phases of existence. We’ll also delve into these nine steps in this report. Eternal time is the primeval root of the three types of material existence interacting.

Ten manifestations of creation

1. Among the nine manifestations, the first is the creation among Mahat-tattva that is the product of Supreme God’s rebirth (known as Karanarnavasayi Vishnu). And time turns up. And the three forms, or values, arise in the course of time. The three properties then connect in the course of time resulting in more development. Remember that God the Almighty produces energy. And everything (beginning, ending) is occurring at the same moment for him.

2. Product movement is triggered by disturbed Mahat-tattva. Therefore, the false ego (Aham) is created in the 2nd phase of development in which the material materials, material awareness, and material activities emerge.  

3. (SB 2.5.23; 3.10.15) The experiences of the senses and the components are generated in the third step of evolution. Below are the particulars:

The first of five components, namely the sky, is created from the ignorance of the false ego. The hidden aspect is the sound content, even like the seer is in comparison to the sound heard is key to the Vedic view of the Universe.

  • a. Due to the transition (reactions) in the atmosphere, the air is created with the consistency of touch throughout the course of everlasting time, and the air is also full of sound from previous successions.
  • b. According to the transformations in the air, fire is created in the course of eternal time, taking shape with the feeling of touch and sound.
  • c. Throughout the course of time, the water is formed, full of juice and taste due to the transformations in the sun. This also has shape, contact, and tone, as before.
  • d. Over time, the earth (solid) created a sense of odor, due to the changes in the water. The attributes of sensations of the senses are therefore completely reflected in nature.
  • e.The transition was then carried out in the following order: ether (or sky)-> gas (air)-> fire-> liquid-> stone. (SB 2.5.25-29, 3.10.15, line 10.8)

4. The fourth development is awareness formation and job ability building. (SB 3.10.16) Which can be interpreted as universal rules.

5. The 5th development is one of regulating deities by the operation of the style of goodness, the sum total of which is the consciousness.

6. (SB 3.1.17) The 6th creation is the living entity’s naive chaos, from which the master behaves like a fool. (DS 3.10.17).

Then period was realized after the formation of Mahat-tattva. And there appeared 3 attributes of existence inside it. Then they produced the fake ego. Then, due to ignorance mode, it produced matter (5 fundamental elements). Therefore the awareness and numerous content awareness practices come into action.

In other terms, they have created the forces that develop matter, the awareness of material transformations, and the intellect that guides these materialistic practices. The brain was generated by goodness mode. Sense organs were formed from passion mode as per the Vedic view of the Universe.

When all these were assembled by the power of Supreme God’s powers, this universe was formed. Both these are divine manifestations of the Supreme Lord’s “Maya.” Instead came into being a demi-god (Brahma) regarded as the world builder, who has the intellect like the Supreme Lord’s.

7. The seventh development process is that of immovable beings, such as creepers, trees with and without flowers, pipe plants, etc. There are 6 styles.

8. (SB-3.10.19) The eighth step of development is that of lower life animals, such as donkeys, horses, butt, mule jackals, tigers, birds, etc. They’re not clever animals. (SB 3.10.21-25) September

9. The 9th step of evolution is man-made life. The style of passion is quite prevalent within the human race. In the middle of a wretched life, humans are still occupied, however, they remain content in every regard.

10.- (SB 3.10.26) The 10th development, actually arising because of the presence of three forms, is the development of the demigods. They come from eight varieties: (1) the demigods, (2) the forefathers, (3) the asuras, or spirits, (4) the Gandharvas and Apsaras, or angels, (5) the Yaksas and Rakshasas, (6) the Siddhas, Caranas and Vidyadharas, (7) the Bhutas, Pretas and Pisacas, and (8) the divine creatures, heavenly musicians, etc. Everything was formed by universe maker Brahma. (SB 3.10.28 bis 29)

The Vedic Cycle

Any definition of existence without determining the duration, form, and scale of the world is incomplete. Vedas state our world is around 155.52 trillion years old and the overall life cycle is 311.04 trillion years (which is equal to Brahma’s 100 years). In Srimad Bhagwata 5.20.38, the universe diameter is reported as 500,000,000 yojanas (1 yojanas is around 9 miles, thus 4.5 trillion miles).

The universe type is in the shape of an egg (brahmanda = brahma+anda). It might be important to remember that the distance travelled by light in one day (186,000,000 * 3600 * 24 = ~ 16 trillion miles) is equivalent to the circumference of the (Vedic) universe (approximately 4,500,000,000 * 3,1416 = ~ 14 trillion miles). This is the Vedic view of the Universe in short.

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