Consume foods that are grown or produced in your home region rather than those that are shipped in from distant places. Eating fresh foods is the secret to absorbing the sattvic energy from food.

Seasonal eating refers to consuming fruits and vegetables that are in season at the time of consumption.

Consume food in moderation — ideally just two to three meals each day. Have a heavy breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a very light dinner.

Eat appropriately — eat foods that are suited to your body constitution as well as any chronic conditions you may be suffering from such as diabetes, allergies, underlying morbidities, and so on. Consulting with an Ayurvedic health practitioner can assist you in selecting an appropriate dietary regime.

Consume food that is natural, organic, and unprocessed in order to be environmentally friendly.

There are seven food-related problems that must be avoided at all costs.

The following foods are prohibited because of their very nature: garlic, leek, onion, mushrooms, etc.;

Jati-duṣṭa — foods that are prohibited because of their very nature, such as garlic, leek, onion, mushrooms, etc.;

Kriya-duṣṭa — is prohibited due to specific activities performed in connection with it, such as food prepared in an unsanitary kitchen, in broken pots, by chefs who do not maintain adequate hygiene, and food presented with the bare hand, among other things.

Kala-duṣṭa — anything that is prohibited due to the passage of time or because of the inappropriateness of the moment, such as stale food or food consumed during eclipses, or the milk of a cow before ten days have gone from the cow’s delivery, etc.

Saṃsarga-duṣṭa, spoiled by filthy touch, such as when anything comes into contact with an animal or with wine or garlic or with hair or insects, and so forth.

Sahṛllekha – food that is unattractive, smells unpleasant, and makes you feel disgusted, among other things.

Rasa-duṣṭa: Food that has lost its original flavor or has been intentionally altered, such as low-fat items.

Pratigraha-duṣṭa – food that is prohibited just because it originates from a certain individual, such as an alcoholic, a drug addict, a prostitute, a doctor, a sanitary worker, or any other such person.

Food is a highly appreciated notion in Sanatana Dharma because it provides a person with the energy they need to do their duties. Gods and goddesses, on the other hand, are above and beyond these material requirements.