Unlike energy that vibrates slowly, which is thick and substantial, the energy that vibrates extremely fast is light and intangible. The universal Intelligent energy that vibrates slowly is on the lower end of the spectrum, which is dense and tangible, while energy that vibrates very quickly is light and intangible.

When compared to the rest of the cosmos, our human form has slower wavelengths, which means we are vibrating at a lower frequency. This is why we see ourselves as solid, tangible entities, despite the fact that we are still a mass of energy. These electromagnetic waves are referred to as “frozen light” in certain circles.

As a result, according to quantum physics, human beings do not possess any true physical structure. We are vibrating patterns of spinning vortices of interaction energy, each with its own distinct character, that is replicated over and over again. This spiritual imprint is what distinguishes us from one another and sets us apart from one another.

We only see ourselves as distinct from everyone and everything because our energy vibrates at a different frequency than everything else in the universe. Although we are isolated from everything and everyone, we are inextricably linked to them because our energy interacts with and links with other energies on Earth as well as incoming energies from the outer cosmos, and our energy absorbs, interlocks, and communicates with them.

The Intelligent Universal Law Of Vibration asserts that everything in the Universe is made up of energy or light in motion that vibrates at a certain pace, and the frequency of the vibration is determined by the resonation of the energy or light.

Although many individuals are innately sensitive to universal Intelligent energy, others grow more attuned to it as they become more receptive to it and as their level of conscious awareness rises in consciousness.

The ability to tap into incoming energy wavelengths and read the information contained within them occurs when our conscious awareness is at its highest level. Inflows of energy, when harnessed and used properly, may guide us through our lives and eventually lead us to reach our full potential and fulfilling our greater purpose on this planet.

One of the most straightforward methods to determine whether or not we are sensitive to energy is to observe how we feel when we are in the presence of others. It is possible that we may pick up on the “vibe” and feel quickly overwhelmed or that our energy will vary based on the input from the energies of the individuals in our near vicinity.

Some of us may sense that we are particularly sensitive to energy on a regular basis, or that we are experiencing “too much,” and it is conceivable that other people may notice this as well. The fear of being seen as crazy or excessively emotional might induce us to isolate ourselves or lockdown our emotions, even if we are fully aware of everything going on in our immediate or distant environment and are drinking it all in.

In the same way that we can easily and clearly perceive and read the energy that is emitted by people, we will be able to sense and read the incoming energy from the cosmos, even if we are not entirely conscious of it. Some people believe they are telepathic, while others believe they just “know” things without any logical or rational explanation, and they find it difficult to explain where they got their knowledge from.

We may also note that we often feel as if we are on an emotional rollercoaster, as we are taking on the feelings of everyone around us while simultaneously attempting to understand our own emotions. This may lead us to feel depressed, irritated, or have headaches, or it may force us to avoid traveling to particular areas or spending time with specific individuals.

In order to distinguish between our own emotions and those of other people, it is critical to stay awake whenever we experience any rapid changes in our emotional or mental state. This allows us to swiftly distinguish between our own feelings and those of other people.

When absorbing incoming energies from the outside world, we should follow a similar procedure to ensure that we do not receive any energy that might decrease our own vibration or do us damage in any manner.

Other people’s energy may be felt vividly by us due to the fact that all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and motives create electromagnetic waves, which we can then detect in our own electromagnetic field.

Because we are able to tune into the frequency of these waves, we are able to clearly comprehend and readily feel how other people are experiencing. This is one of the reasons we are able to be sympathetic towards other people.

Our sensitivities, on the other hand, may cause us problems, which is why they are so important for our personal development and well-being. Although it may be tempting to shut down our senses, this is not the best course of action because we will suffer from anguish and anxiety until we understand what is causing the uncomfortable energetic feelings.

How to channel them, and how to use them for our own benefit as well as the higher good of those around us and the planet as a whole. The reason it is not feasible to just ignore energy is that it will not dissipate until it has been recognized, comprehended, and channeled in a different direction.

When we passively take in energy without first safeguarding our own energy field, we may soon become emotionally charged, tired, and crippled. This is particularly true if we are passively taking in energy without first protecting our own energy field (aura).

This may be combated by engaging in meditation and mindfulness practices, spending time in nature, or setting aside time to be in undistracted stillness, as well as maintaining a happy attitude.

It is impossible to overstate the potential of human beings, and we are capable of much more than we are sometimes taught or conditioned to think. It is the universe’s way of communicating with us, and it does so by giving us synchronicities, signs, and symbols, as well as presenting us a range of subliminal messages, which we may decipher and channel to improve our Earthly experience.

When we get this information, our senses are triggered, and we will notice that these things manifest themselves as goosebumps, deja vu, chills, and shivers, as well as in visions and our dreams, among other things.

In today’s culture, many of us are taught that it is impossible to receive messages via the mind from unknown sources, which is unfortunate. We may be asked where we obtain our knowledge, or we may be doubted, or we may even be informed incorrectly that the information we have received is not genuine, depending on the situation. We might lose confidence in our intuition and psychic talents as a result of any or all of these factors.

In part, this fear stems from some of the old myths and witchcraft stories that have been passed down through generations that concern the capacity to see and communicate with the dead.

Fear will have a significant influence on our ability to receive information since it will obstruct the flow of information and diminish the number of messages and feelings that are available when our mind is open and trusting of our surroundings.

Either we tune into the incoming energy and flow with it to unravel our destiny, or we reject the chance to receive the endless quantity of information that universal Intelligent energy brings, which is entirely up to us.

This data stored in energy is referred to as the global or collective conscious, and it also explains why so many individuals experience distinct elation, friction, or a heavy sense in the air at the same time when a traumatic or conflicting event is taking place in the world.

Everything is related via the use of fractals of energy to connect it. As a result, we have access to everything and everything in the cosmos without having to go for meaning or answers elsewhere. Nothing more than maintaining a high level of awareness and allowing our intuition to interpret all of the present energy that we have instant access to is required.

At Stargates, such as the equinoxes and solstices, we are more receptive to energy. At these times, there is a vortex created by the planetary alignment that permits an ideal quantity of high vibrating energy to infiltrate the earth and any other important planetary activity.

By just opening our minds, believing, receiving, and then feeling, we have the choice and opportunity to accept or reject what is scientifically proved to be feasible as well as the most drastically life-altering giving of subtle knowledge and powerful advice we could possibly wish for.