Hinduism is mostly practiced in India, the rest of the world has lost sight of their genuine faith. As a result, the Puranas were included for their amusement as well as for their symbolic implications. Our personal history was being documented as well. Sri Lanka is mentioned in the Ramayana as well.

According to the Vedas, which are the ancient Hindu writings, Hindu gods do not appear in the physical world. In fact, there is only one God, or Para Brahma, who is omnipresent and omniform, and every God or goddess we know, whether from history or mythology, is only a manifestation of that one God in a different shape. We may create our own versions of them and adore them.

The reason why these gods can only be found in India is that the individuals who grew up within to have these experiences, these typical classes of experiences, tended to come from the subcontinent in general.

Throughout all of the world’s other regions, the average populace had not developed enough inner poise to either notice anything of importance or, even if they did, they were murdered or diverted off the road extremely easily.

Let’s say we grew up enough to be Yogis in our own right and went traveling. That strange area became an opportunity for a bit more of the Divine to express itself in the present time and place.

Therefore we ourselves would sanctify and designate the spot as unique so that it would forever bear the remembrance of what had touched it. And we would do the same for others. Furthermore, it is possible that following generations may regard that location as hallowed. Simply said, that’s all there is to it.

Because the times in which they were born or in which they took on the form of earthly beings were very old. A time when there were no American, European, Greek, or Egyptian civilizations. The earth is far older than these Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and extremely complex civilizations had previously arisen and, in some cases, been destroyed before their arrival.

You are no different from any of the Hindu Gods who have taken on human form. God was present in them, and the same is true for you as well. All that differed was that a small number of decent men, via certain spiritual ways, discovered God inside themselves and gained knowledge of certain truths from the ocean of truth that is everlasting existential awareness, also known as conscious existence.

The distinction was in the ability to put the holy experience into words. It is very difficult to explain an experience orally, via the use of language, since words and expressions have limitations, but God’s power is unlimited. Consider the difficulty of describing a spiritual experience to someone who has never seen or tasted a single fruit in his whole life.

Imagine trying to communicate the concept of “ocean” to a youngster who was born in a desert and has lived there from infancy. Attempt to put into words a sensation such as anguish or love or hate or pleasure, for example, and you will fail horribly in your attempt to provide an accurate description, particularly for those who have not personally experienced these feelings. There would be something wrong.

Please keep in mind that you cannot perceive anything other than what you consider yourself to be and that your perception is determined by how you view yourself. You will never be able to view others any better or worse than you are yourself. One who is crooked views the whole world as being crooked; one who is honest observes honesty in everyone.

One who is stupid perceives only ignorance all around him, but only the enlightened see the breadth and promise of collective enlightenment or global awareness. Also, keep in mind that every human being has all of the virtues and all of the vices that have ever existed; no one possesses any of them in isolation. In reality, humans are blends of both ideals, with some gravitating toward one and some toward the other. The trick is to maintain a sense of equilibrium.

Leave the differences in the background and concentrate on the commonalities. Distract yourself from the journey and focus on the goal. It is just one location, and it is ecstatically lovely, full of quiet and emptiness, that they will all lead to. Suddenly, all of your questions will vanish, and you will be stunned speechless in the face of the glorious reality of unquantifiable super-conscious existence.

Sacred places include places where the Dharma is maintained, places were great devotees of the Lord dwell or have resided, and places where the Supreme Lord appears or has shown Himself in form of pastimes.

According to legend, the piece of land known as Bharatavarsha in India is the holiest location on the face of the planet. There are other holy sites in the world/universe, without a doubt, but Bharatavarsha is the most sacred of them all. It has also been said that the stretch of land between the rivers Ganga and Yamuna inside Bharatavarsha is even more holy than the rest of the region.