Have you ever thought of Spirituality to be an open-source of experience? When we think of spirituality we don’t always associate it with meditation. But the truth is that all types of spiritual practices are a form of meditation. Even though the term has been defined in many ways the core technical skills underlining the practice has not changed that much during the past 5000 years. Therefore why meditation is important is due to fact that it is beyond religious doctrines. More based on the Psychological experiences.

How meditation changes the brain

The answer is yes. Meditation not only just improves your feeling of wellbeing, it creates a deep long-lasting impact on how your brain gets re-wired. As we all know, our experiences of outside stimuli, shape the way our neurons are structured. The changes don’t just happen over night, it takes time as its a process.

Recent research has shown the below possible effects meditation has on the brain:

The prefrontal cortex gets enlarged: This area is responsible for the human mind to think rationally. Meditation helps to develop the grey matter in this area, which creates a psychological transforming in your ability to think rationally.

Develops a well structured Amygdala: A persons fear and various emotional states are associated with the amygdala. Regular practice has an affect where the amygdala re-structures itself, where the individual attains more emotional control. Most importantly a person can overcome his/her daily fears of uncertainty.

Hippocampus becomes bigger: The most important of human behavior is there ability to learn and remember. Simple meditation practices like Pranayama ( Breathing exercises leading to natural mindfulness and awareness of the inhalation and exhalation process) have a big impact on the development of the hippocampus.

Growth in overall brain grey matter: Repeated prolonged practices of concentration help the grey matter in the brain to increase in its coverage and size. The grey matter is directly responsible for the intellectual abilities in people. The ability to to reason, evaluate and take well thought decisions in different environments is an important trait to develop for survival.

Higher levels of gamma brain wave activity: A persons heightened states of awareness and alertness are associated with gamma brain waves. With daily practice a person can develop sharp states alertness, attention span and the awareness of self.

Every individual should look to meditation as a form of mental training. In brief, it’s like your gym exercise routine if you like to exercise your body and develop your muscles. Why not try to exercise your mind and develop the neurons in your brain. Learn the correct technical skills from a qualified teacher and note that your core belief systems will be strengthened with your subconscious transcendental experiences. Concluding there are many reasons as to why meditation is important and why you should be practicing it.


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