Have you ever tried meditating with your eyes open? You should try it, it gives you a different Psychological experience. Most of us are thought to focus our mind with our eyes closed, and when we do this the mind naturally goes into visualization mode. In this state when you concentrate on your objective the mind creates various images, and you should make sure not to follow those thought patterns. In order to achieve a full state of concentration, on your focus which can be on focusing on an image or sound pattern.

The steps towards open-eye meditation

The open eye meditation technique is very effective and it gives a different experience compared to the closed eye techniques. Let us look at the steps,

  • Sit in a comfortable place, with legs crossed or sit in a chair which has straight back support, so that you are not leaning forward or back.
  • Before you start any concentration exercise, you need to setup and initiate your body and mind for relaxation.
  • Take five deep breaths inhale and exhale, you should do it at a level where you can hear your own breathing. Make sure this is performed with the eyes open.
  • Importantly remember to allow your eyes to naturally blink, so that there is no strain on your eyes.
  • Once your body is relaxed, start your concentration exercise. Which can be repeating a mantra (sound like AUM), or visualizing an image (deity) or beautiful scenery. And I you want to be in the present state of mind just observe the objects which are right in front of your eyes.

Pass into the subconscious experience

Once the concentration process is set forth, your mind moves into a state of self-hypnosis. After about 5 to 10 minutes, you will become aware of your entire body, your breathing patterns and even your eyes blinking. What was all not noticed before will become naturally noticed. If your using the sound repeating method you will start to track the origin of where the sound enchanting is coming from within you. Remember sound chanting can be vocal by actually making the sound or mental where you are silent but the sound is repeated in your mind.

Better awareness levels

With your eyes open, the outside thoughts will not disturb you a lot as your achieving concentration in the waking state. Because the visual cortex of the eyes plays an important role when meditating. Furthermore, you can easily practice astral travel and mind power activities with your eyes open. The powers of the laws of attraction also work better as your thought waves are more focused on attracting similar psychic energy patterns scattered in the environment surrounding you.

Most importantly once you come out of the focused state your mind will be very much refreshed and alert to face the outside world. Always remember don’t confuse meditation with religion or philosophy. Since meditation is a mind tool to train your brain to function better and to live a more focused life, Whatever experiences you have that is your reality and the truth which your mind understands.

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