Planet Saturn is regarded as the authoritative celestial body for the Anuradha Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. The image reminds me of a row of furrows, Lotus. Mitra is the name of the Hindu god that is associated with this Nakshatra. This celestial body has a masculine gender. You have a tremendous amount of confidence in God.

Because of this, you do not get agitated when confronted with challenging circumstances. The fact that you are a diligent worker ensures that you will be able to overcome any obstacles that may appear in your road throughout life. You will have your first taste of financial independence at a very young age. Your nature is quite a struggle.

You have to put in consistent effort if you want to experience mental tranquility. Because you are so honest and forthright, I can always count on you to tell me what’s on your mind. You are not the kind of person who can keep anything hidden in their heart. Because of this, occasionally individuals are harmed as a result of the things you say.

When you provide assistance to another person, you do it with the utmost sincerity. You are not one to put on airs. You are able to achieve success despite the various challenges you face because you have a serious attitude toward achieving your goal. You make it a point to make the most of any chance that presents itself to you, whatever it may be.

You are less interested in working and more interested in doing business. Your early years have equipped you with abilities that will serve you well in the business world. As a result, there is a chance that you will achieve a lot of success in it. If you begin working at a job, you will be able to win the favor of all of your more experienced coworkers and superiors.

You lead a very disciplined life and place a significant amount of weight on living according to a set of guiding principles. You make an effort to carry out your task with total self-discipline. Because of your dogmatic beliefs, you don’t have very many friends, and your social circle is not very large.

Your experiences of hardship will teach you valuable life lessons. People who are familiar with the positive aspects of your character will listen to the advice that you have to provide because of your considerable life experience. You are blessed with a wonderful ability that enables you to escape any precarious circumstance.

Because you are considering making financial investments in real estate as well as putting some of your money away in savings, you should have a healthy amount of wealth. Because you have such a pattern of making investments, you are going to amass a lot of wealth.

Lord: Saturn

Controlling Planet: Saturn

Ruling Deity of Ketu: Hanuman

Deity: Mitra

Rashi / Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Ganas: Tamasic

Mode: Passive

Constellation: 3

Gender: Male

Dosha: Pitta

Element: Fire

Lucky Color: Reddish Brown

Letter: Na, Ni, Nu, Ne 

Lucky letters: N

Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire

Lucky Numbers: 17