Hanuman is seen as a sign of courage and power by people who venerate and worship him. The most powerful of them all, yet the most modest. An intelligent, great follower of Rama, and a symbol of the Dharma. When you’re scared, think about him. When you’re in need of strength, look for his presence.

These are the factors that have contributed to his being a prominent Hindu symbol. We pray that the blessings of Hanuman would assist us in overcoming any difficulties in life.
May He always be at your side as we travel this path together.

Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva who took on the form of a human to assist Lord Rama in his battle with Ravana. He was fortunate in that he would be accessible to Rama worshippers for as long as Rama’s name and tales were mentioned in conversation.

Lord Hanuman provides you with tremendous power. Looking at his image and remembering him might make you feel like half of your troubles have been solved just by thinking about him. You sense the inner power and tranquility that you possess.

As a kid, Hanuman was mischievous, and he was known to torment meditation sages in the jungles when he was younger. Although the sages found his antics intolerable, they kept in mind that Hanuman was only a kid, and so they bestowed a slight curse on him, causing him to become unable to recall his own abilities until reminded by another person.

Jambavantha, who reminds Hanuman of his powers while encouraging him to go in search of Sita in Kishkindha Kanda and Sundara Kanda, brings the curse to the fore in these two tales.

Hanuman received a blessing from Brahma, which states that no weapon would be able to kill him during a conflict. He learned from Brahma the ability to instill terror in enemies while simultaneously erasing fear in friends, as well as the ability to alter his physical appearance at command and to travel effortlessly anywhere he desired.

Hanuman received the boons of longevity, scriptural understanding, and the ability to traverse the ocean from Shiva. Hanuman was guaranteed his safety by Lord Shiva, who gave him a band (kavach) that would protect him for the rest of his life.

After blessing Hanuman with a boon, Varuna ensured him that he would always be safe from water. In a blessing, Agni said that he would never be burned by fire. The yoga siddhis “laghima” and “garima” were given to him by Surya, the sun god.

He could achieve the tiniest form of life by using “laghima,” and the largest form of life by using “garima.” Vayu bestowed upon him more speed than he himself had. Yama, the God of Death, granted him long and healthy life, free of his sword Yama Danda, ensuring that death would not befall him.

Once upon a time, Lord Hanuman and his monkey army stood guard at the cave entrance, where Vaishno Devi had been meditating for nine months prior to her eventual exit from the cave.

A stream named Ban Ganga (Ban literally means arrow) flows through the area where Devi used her arrow to draw a stream of water from a hill to satisfy Hanuman’s thirst when he felt thirsty. This stream is known as Ban Ganga. Hanuman had also engaged in combat with Bhairavnath before Vaishno Devi requested that he leave Bhairavnath in her care.

Tulsidas deserves a great deal of responsibility for establishing Hanuman as a popular god, particularly among the (Hindi-speaking) people of North India. Hinduism has such a large and diverse collection of religious and spiritual writings that it is difficult, if not impossible, for even academics to grasp all that is included inside them.

Now, when Tulsidas penned the Hanuman Chalisa, he made it exceedingly simple for even the most illiterate commoner to grasp and memorize the lines of the hymn. Hindus of all classes discovered a convenient simplified scripture that may help them stay away from evil (without going through volumes of ancient Sanskrit scriptures).

Hanuman, being Shiva’s avatar, was expected to be a simple and straightforward god to please. Furthermore, he served as a direct link between Shiva and Rama (Vishnu incarnated), and therefore the Hindu was able to feel “settled.”