Planet Rahu is said to be the planetary deity that presides over the Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. It has the appearance of a Tear Drop. This Nakshatra is associated with the Hindu god Rudra, who is a version of the god Shiva. This celestial body has feminine genitalia.

If you were born under the Ardra Nakshatra, you are likely to be devoted to your obligations and diligent in your job. Because Rahu, the ruler of this constellation, is a researcher, your ingenuity was predetermined from birth. You have an insatiable desire to learn as much as you can about a wide range of topics.

You have a pleasant demeanor and interact politely with all of the people you meet. Because you are skilled in so many areas, from business to research, you have the potential to be successful in whatever endeavor you choose. You have an uncanny ability to deduce what the other person is thinking.

Because of this, you have an intuitive temperament, which contributes to the fact that you are excellent at psychoanalysis. You have a knack for comprehending the world, and you don’t hold back when it comes to sharing the results of your experiments and experiences with others. You make it a point to think carefully about everything you do.

Although you provide an outward appearance of composure, a hurricane is always raging inside you because your thoughts are never still. It is in your best interest to exercise self-control about your rage. You are put in situations designed to test you, yet you are able to restrain yourself from crumbling under their pressure.

They are persons who are highly inquisitive and who work very hard. They focus their efforts on the accomplishment of their goals and establish a target based on those objectives. When they set goals these natives are most likely to achieve them.

The Ardra Nakshatra is considered to be a sensitive star, and it is associated with sensitivity and emotion. Natives who are born under a certain Nakshatra are known for their integrity, compassion, and powerful communication skills.

That is most likely the reason why you have gained so much experience and maturity. Your ability to keep your issues to yourself is one of the characteristics you possess. You sometimes act naive and carefree, as if you were a little kid who was unaware of the stresses that were ahead.

You have an air of mystique and handle difficult situations with maturity. You find that by giving each issue some thought while you sleep, you are eventually able to triumph over them. You possess an impressively powerful and athletic body. You also have the ability to juggle many tasks at once. You also have a strong interest in anything pertaining to spirituality.

You work on the rules of “why” and “how,” and you continue to unravel the mysteries that have not yet been answered. It’s possible that you’ll have to remain away from home in order to provide for yourself. In other words, you may get employment in a foreign country. The years between the ages of 32 and 42 are some of the best of your life.

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The Elements of the Ardra Nakshatra

Nakshatra Lord: Durga

Nakshatra Symbol: Teardrop

Nakshatra Deity: Rudra, the Lord of Storms

Nakshatra Body VarahaMihira: Hair, scalp

Nakshatra Body Parashara: Ears

Nakshatra Rashi / Zodiac: Gemini sign (Mithuna)

Nakshatra Marriage: Auspicious

Nakshatra Controlling/Ruling Planet: Rahu

Nakshatra Number: 6

Nakshatra Gender: Female

Nakshatra Names Letter: ku, kham, ja, chha

Nakshatra Lucky Letters: K, G, N, C

Nakshatra Lucky Stone: Gomedha

Nakshatra Lucky Colour: Green

Nakshatra Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 4