Planet Mercury is said to be the planetary deity that presides over the Ashlesha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. It has the appearance of a coiled serpent. This Nakshatra is associated with the Hindu god known as Nagas or Sarpas. This celestial body has feminine genitalia. You are really fortunate to have a physically sound body.

Your presentation has the power to enchant and captivate the audience. There’s a good chance that you like conversing with other people and that you wouldn’t mind devoting a whole day to debating a certain subject. Your face is somewhat square in shape, and you have lovely features but tiny eyes.

It’s possible that you have a mole or another blemish on your face. You are continually motivated to achieve success as a result of your intellect and leadership qualities. You just despise it when others try to limit the freedom you have. Therefore, while having a conversation with you, one must take precautions to ensure that their comments are not disregarded.

That you are willing to go to any lengths for the people you count as friends are certainly one of your many admirable traits. It’s easy to get complacent and overlook the importance of expressing thanks to people who have helped you in some manner. In circumstances like these, there is a greater likelihood that your relationship with them may become strained.

There are occasions when your anger causes others to take a stance against you. Therefore, constantly be sure to maintain command of it. On the other hand, you have a very outgoing and sociable personality. You have the ability to do issue analysis in advance of its occurrence.

As a result, you typically maintain a state of readiness for them. It is against your instinct to put complete faith in another person. You won’t be able to cheat if you do this. You have a passion for delectable and decadent cuisine, but you have to avoid being intoxicated. Your thoughts are never at rest, and you are constantly engaged in some activity; moreover, you take pleasure in operating in a covert manner.

Through the power of your words, you have mastered the art of hypnotizing other people. You will achieve success in the realm of politics as a result of it. You have the ability to get to the top in addition to possessing leadership characteristics.

You have decided to perform the job that is clever rather than the work that is hard. You will maintain close relationships with individuals for as long as they continue to be beneficial to you.

It is your job to evaluate individuals and find ways to put them to use that meet your requirements. Once you make a decision on anything, you must steadfastly adhere to it. You are also a talented artist and a persuasive public speaker. Once you’ve started talking, the only time you can stop is when you’ve finished saying whatever it was you intended to say.

Nakshatra Lord: Mercury

Deity: the naga or serpent of wisdom

Ruling Deity of Mercury: Vishnu

Symbol: Coiled snake, circle, or wheel

Rashi / Zodiac: Cancer Sign (Karka)

Gana: Rakshasa Gana

Marriage: Not auspicious

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gender: Female

Number: 9

Names Letter: Di, Du, Dae, Do

Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 5

Lucky Letters: D

Lucky Stone: Emerald

Lucky Colour: Black-Red