According to Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is said to be the one that presides over the Pushya Nakshatra. It has the appearance of a circle or wheel. The Hindu god known as Brihaspati is associated with this Nakshatra (Guru – Jupiter). This celestial body has a masculine gender.

You are merciful, sympathetic, and extremely giving in nature. Jupiter is the lord of this constellation, and because of this, your personality is solemn, devoted, honest, and virtuous like a god. You will develop a muscular physique that is proportionate to your frame. The face will have a bright and round appearance.

You don’t even have the slightest bit of ego to brag about. Obtaining inner tranquility, contentment, and joy in this life should be your primary goal. You are devoted, trustworthy, and sociable, and you assist others when they are going through difficult circumstances. You are easily tempted by delicious cuisine, and you place a high value on the trappings of this earthly life.

You get a lot of joy out of compliments, but you can’t stand it when others criticize you. Therefore, the only way to coerce you into doing anything is by using flattery. You have a passion for amassing a variety of different things. You have shown that you are a believer in God by your dogged persistence. If you possess these qualities, it is not surprising at all that you have achieved a high level of popularity.

You have a spiritual and giving disposition by nature. Also, you go for pilgrimages. You will also have a strong interest in things like yoga, tantra-mantra, astrology, and so on. You will appreciate women in general, but particularly those who are similar to your mother. You have a naturally creative approach to your job, in addition to the natural abilities you were born with.

You are the kind of person that approaches everything with complete sincerity and a high level of expertise, so when you are given a task, it is safe to assume that the task will be completed successfully. Because of your employment, you can sometimes be required to be away from your spouse and children for an extended period of time. On the other hand, this won’t result in estrangement from the family.

You will never stop working hard to improve your standard of living. In addition to having a sense of dedication, you have an attitude that is serene and nice. It won’t take much for the poor conduct of others to take advantage of you. You have a very tough time putting into words what is going on inside of your head.

You are devoted to God and always look for ways to assist others around you. Even after being married, you may not always feel comfortable expressing everything with your partner, which may sometimes lead to misunderstandings between the two of you. As a consequence, you give yourself enormous internal suffering.

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Lord: Saturn

Zodiac: Cancer sign

Diety: Hanuman

Constellation: 3

Number: 8

Letter: Hoo, He, Ho, Dah

Lucky letters: H & D

Lucky Stone: Blue Saphire

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky Numbers: 8

Element: Water