Yoga sutras cannot be understood as a book of ideas. Yoga activities are defined in the sutras, however. As explained, they make sense, but you can’t really understand the purposeful details. In contrast to attempting to explore a broader range of ideas, they just describe what is in the framework. You determine which method of activity to practice, through trial and error. Based according to what objectives you want to achieve.

The term sutra simply implies a string of Indian philosophy. If string can be woven with a single length of yarn, which you should not use for the sake of the thread. You may choose to include some kind of beautiful and valuable accessories, as long as you want. However, you need to master certain specific techniques to do it. The methods have already been prepared by Yoga Siddha Patanjali, which means that all you need to do is follow the sutra. 

However, if you do so, it is not for the sake of just knowing, but to adorn the ideas firmly. Don’t speculate about this, take it one step at a time and build your understanding of the whole yoga concept. The Yoga sutras are not intended to be considered or interpreted in a rational way. If you use your reason to investigate it, you’ll lose your grasp of what you’re seeking to learn.

For someone who is really and deeply experienced, this will hold a lot of significance. Do not attempt to understand Patanjali’s Yoga’s Sutras as you would an academic paper. To believe in one sutra is to bring it into your everyday experience. However, having read one sutra does not actually mean you have to read all the other sutras. Therefore, each scripture, whether the author is really alive or not, is, by definition, a living scripture.

The Yoga Sūtras are a long treatise on the full meaning of Spiritual realization. To start off, the sutra, Patanjali opens with a sentence that consists of two sections: The now and  then. His words essentially mean, “It’s too soon for you to realize a new life event. Whereas an opportunity will be greater than what you previously had, like new friends, a new income, or a new desired object. He’s basically suggesting, new events or opportunity, will bring new friends, a new vehicle, or new savings will make absolutely no difference. Too often, you see little of significance or benefit: “That doesn’t contribute anything to my existence or values. And now I’m starting to practice Yoga.”

In the Yoga Sutras Dharana implies there is just you, and the object exists; you are totally in the present moment and completely dependent on it. By allowing your attention to relax and drift off, you can be either really in the moment or totally distracted. This is known as dhyana ( Absorbed Meditative state), and is considered to be the next level of emphasis. Eventually, you will have fully dissolved into dhyana, and you will be unable to perceive something. Slowly this Dhyana transforms into a state called Samadhi.( Total Self Awareness). This is called enlightenment, or bliss the first two stages.

Most people believe they have to submit themselves to the power of a deity. You can concentrate on a herb, a grain of sand, on a weed, on a worm; it doesn’t matter. But to maintain your interest, you must keep your focus, it must have the ability to evoke some kind of emotion in you. If you concentrate, the mind will remain where it is intended to go. Why is it so tough for students to focus on the textbook, but if there is a girl that catches the boy’s eye, would you advise him to “Think about her?” However, when it comes to pursuing the game of love, he remains concentrated on her for some unknown purpose.

These are the reasons that all the different types of gods came into being. Look for anything you’re attracted to, fascinated about, or excited by. If you have no knowledge of the existence of a deity, so you create a new one to address your emotional needs. If this is not providing the results you like, choose another one. You are the only person that would not like anything if none of the others do. If you devote yourself over for an enormous amount of time to do something that doesn’t interest you, you would be tired. Your attention would be focused on one aspect at a certain time when you are very engaged in it.

The activity of yoga is as natural as going to the movies or reading a novel. Let us assume you read a textbook: the book is written to the average intellect. Despite the fact that, you’ve read it a hundred times, you do not get it. And on the other side, if read a romantic tale or a mystery novel for seventy pages until your eyes come upon a piece of dialogue that you’d be able to quote for the rest of your life. To ensure your interest, the subject of your attention must be structural.  If you are unable to learn new skills and keep on your feet, it could turn into a trap inside oneself.


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