What are the fundamental truths of human experience that may be encountered via meditation? As we all know, meditation may provide a variety of psychological experiences. Certain experiences might seem to be more elevated or subtle than prior ones?

As a result, individuals tend to rank each experience as being superior to another, but let me assure you that there is no superior state of super conscious or meditation experience compared to one and another. If a meditation experience is satisfying for you then that is the mental relaxation tool for you. Don’t try to compare yourself with a other people.

Each human being is unique, whether by his or her genetic code, fingerprint, or some other attribute that is unique to that individual. Similarly, your meditation experiences are unique to you and the individual who has had them.

Thus, for me, the meditation experience might be as simple as a feeling of calmness, quietness, or even delight. Whereas that condition has the potential to be the most fulfilling experience for me. Or the most balanced condition in which I feel mentally tranquil.

This may be sufficient for me to live my whole life based to my daily activities, but for another person, he may have a different experience. However, this does not indicate that I have a superior experience to that person, nor does it indicate that that person has a superior experience to me. It’s a very personalized experience; only you know if it’s really fulfilling to you or not.

Let us revisit the subject of what constitutes an absolute state of experience. I can share with you my own experience, which occurs when I enter a state of meditation.

With my eyes closed, I perceive mental pictures, then I observe them, observing them while monitoring my condition of observation.

As an observer my observation grows sufficiently powerful, all other mental concepts, images, or ideas, as well as visions and visualizations, all dissolve into pitch black nothingness or darkness.

Because when you shut your eyes, all you see is pitch black darkness, and if you’re always attempting to imagine light, you’re attempting to create mental images, once you attempt to avoid visualizing light, all your mental images will dissolve into pitch black darkness.

Many religious folklores may teach you that darkness is evil or harmful, however this is not true.

The blackness that you perceive when you shut your eyes is the condition of complete quietness. It is the universe itself that is composed of pitch black dark matter. When darkness compresses, it produces a force called the compressive stock force of dark matter. Its energy is electromagnetic. There is only one kind of energy, and it is pitch black pure dark matter in its purest form.

Then there’s the following query:

Does energy emerge from or return to empty space? It is a logical conclusion that energy can only transition between states; it cannot emerge from or return to empty space.

Energy is always in motion, moving from one condition to another in every condition of existence. It grows and shrinks but never vanishes. Thus, all impermanence theories may be questioned. Because energy is not transient. Energy is a transformative force. It is transformative; it is everlasting because it never enters or comes out of space; it only exists within space.

It is entirely up to you; just consider it logically.

Without energy, neither space nor vacuum can exist. When you suck air out, you produce a vacuum. However, there is no such thing as empty space in the cosmos; it is constantly packed with energy.

There cannot be a beginning or an end for the universe; if there is a beginning or end, or a point where it finishes, then what is beyond that point? To be sure, it’s only energy.

We are an endless quantum of compressed energy.

Thus, the absolute is not empty space; rather, it is energy in its purest form. That is energy that exists beyond the atom, outside matter, and outside waves, since this energy exists as a compressive stock force from which all other vibrations of energy occur. Which then transforms into atoms, molecules, matter, and living forms before dissolving back into that energy thus continuing the cycle of creation and disintegration.

Thus, it is a really intriguing topic, and once again, it is entirely up to the person who want to see it in their own unique way.

It is how people see it, how they see it, or how they comprehend it, since the physics of energy is beyond the knowledge of the average human intellect.

It is a simple matter of comprehension and reasoning that you have a tendency to comprehend.

That is not to say that you are more knowledgeable than another person or that another person is more knowledgeable than you. Or it might be anybody, any enlightened master, or anybody who claims to be an incarnation, a son of God, a messiah of God, or an enlightened one, or whatever they may claim to be.

Nobody knows better than you or another individual. It is up to that person to learn and comprehend just by following people and marketing for certain individuals. That does not imply that you understand these issues, which you must explore and comprehend. You must first comprehend the manner in which you want to alter and live your existence. That knowing should have no effect on your lifestyle, since you are born to live a biological, evolutionary existence.

You have to have a family, you have to marry, you have to have sex, you have to eat well and be fit, and you have to have children. You are aware that you must live the evolutionary existence for which you have been programmed by nature. Once you leave that, attempting to renounce the world, to give up that, to give up this, it is of no use. As a renunciate you still will tend to depend on society for food and shelter.

At the end of the day, you arrive at the same point, yet just following others will not provide you with any meaningful insight into the truths. You must be courageous enough to go outside of societal conventions and circles in order to comprehend these insightful matters.

And you are not required to preach to the world, to attract big crowds, or to have people come and kneel down to you. As long as you comprehend and are aware of it, that you are realized. The society in which you live with does not have to congratulate you on your realization. Because realization is for you, it is necessary for you to understand.

Therefore, let us all practice and attempt to grasp these absolute states of energy, which hold the key to a plethora of evolutionary mysteries.

Whichever conceptions you have of life, existence, birth, or evolution, all of the solutions lay in comprehending this life energy.

Therefore, practice diligently and intelligently; it is not difficult; it will take time; nevertheless, with time, you will have a far greater understanding of the universe in which you live in.